Lockdown Ending

October 2020

Dear Praying Friends,
COVID. We have come through in good health. Darrel had a light case; but Jean, living with him, escaped uninfected.
Things are looking up. The lockdown seems to be over. We are back in our building for services. Everyone must wear a mask and the seats are spaced. There have been five decisions for Christ; and we actually gained people from the lockdown. However, we still cannot have children’s classes.

Horto. We are reaching out in evangelism in a community at the base of Padre Cicero’s statue that overlooks our city, Juazeiro do Norte. Padre Cicero was the city’s founder and healing saint and is a huge source of revenue from the pilgrims who visit. Most of the population around the statue is strongly devoted to him. Pray that the Lord will lead us to those He is preparing for the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Children’s Ministry. Our Enrichment Program also benefited from the lockdown. Our teachers, along with the pastor, began visiting in the homes of the school families with food and assignments for the children. Parents became involved in helping the children. This fulfilled Darrel’s desire to reach out to the families, which had not happened before because no one had time.
Internet TV. Darrel wanted a children’s program but he did not know anyone gifted in entertaining kids on television. With the COVID lockdown, the teachers at our Christian Day School (Colégio Esperança) taught their lessons by internet. One Bible teacher was teaching her lessons with songs

Professora Mariana

and visuals in a very creative way. Would you like to watch her teach? Click on the following link.


Professora Florency

The pre-school music teacher was absolutely phenomenal. She puts the camera on a tripod, turns it on and then plays, sings and makes instruments by herself. Then she edits it with crazy effects. The result is captivating.

There is even more, but we will save it for the next letter.
Thank you for praying with us for these ministries,

P.O. Box 308011, Cleveland OH 44130-8011

Darrel and Jean Haworth

Blessings in Lock-down

Dear Praying Friends,                                              IMG-2665

We are still in lockdown, although most are not obeying it. The biggest pain is no church meetings.

Children.  With the schools closing, our children’s Enrichment program also closed.  Pastor Euzimarques and the teachers began taking food around to the families in greatest need and praying with them.  Then someone suggested they take lessons around every week for the children to complete.  The lessons would consist of a picture to color, a Bible story and some math problems on the back.  It has been a success!  We are printing lessons for 65 children and adolescents.  The parents are listening or reading the Bible stories with their children.  A rapport has been established and our team members are even able to pray with some of the families about their needs.  We rejoice that the Pastor and teachers are visiting in the homes… something they had been too busy to do before the lockdown.

There was a disaster in May, when the father of three of our girls was killed.  Two gunmen on a motorcycle shot him as he stood in front of his home.  He ran towards the church and collapsed on the street corner.  They rode up and finished him off.  This is the fourth man that has been killed on the street in front of our church in the last four years.  And then, life goes on as usual.

Horto.  We wrote about this new preaching point in our last update.  Every other Sunday morning, a team from Esperança and União Baptist Churches goes up to the ranch below the statue of Padre Cícero, and holds a worship service for the caretaker and his family.   We are chafing for this lockdown to end so we can get out and invite the neighborhood.

IMG-20200708-WA0002Internet TV.  This lock-down has given us time to begin working on TV programs for the deaf to be aired on Internet TV.  If you would like to see it, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ7yI1Y5dnA then click on “Caminho da Vida.”   It’s all Portuguese with signing.  Take a look.

 Prayer requests.

  1. The mother and three (siblings) who lost their husband and father
  2. Pray for the salvation of the parents of the children that we are now visiting in their homes.
  3. Pastor David and the Internet TV program for the deaf

Thank you for your important part,

Darrel and Jean    Gradient-full-bmm-logo-long


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Web site: http://www.bmm.org


Starting a New Church

Starting a new church

Overlooking Juazeiro is a statue of Padre Cicero, who is credited with miracles.  The road up the mountain is called the “Holy Way”, and even has the “stations of the cross.”  Just before reaching the top, a road turns off; and in a 1/4 of a mile, there is a small ranch owned by a former family of our previous church.  They are going to subdivide it and have offered us a piece of land to start a church.  There are two more new sub-divisions within ½ of a mile.


This is our second visit, on a Saturday afternoon, using one of the ranch buildings.


Our evangelists are Silvanildo, a Bible college student,    his father, Cicero, and Edimilson in the middle.

These people live on the ranch.  The oldest lady has just accepted Christ and her daughter is a  Believer.  Pray for them and this work.

Everything is stopped because of COVID-19.  When we are free to meet again, we will return to evangelize the neighborhood.

Thank you for your part.  If you would like to give, we need chairs for this new work.

Darrel and Jean Haworth

                    Email: darrelhaworth@gmail.com

P.O.Box 308011, Cleveland, OH  44130-8011

Tel. 440-826-3930;   Email:  info@bmm.org

Happy New Year

Dear Praying Friends,

We got back from the USA on December 7 and planned to write a Christmas letter.  But, we immediately became involved in a Biblical Counseling Seminar, an inner church Christmas choir with orchestra rehearsal and presentations… and Christmas slipped by.  So, you are getting a Happy New Year’s letter.

Blessings of 2019

Some of our people had grown spiritually during our three-month absence.  Others have been under heavy demonic attack… such as a cloth doll studded with pins thrown on the roof of one lady’s house.  Church members united in prayer and only the dog got sick.  They realize that they need to pray for her protection on a regular basis.

IMG_3828 edDavid, the boy who was going to die if he ran, is doing well.  When Darrel asked him if he had accepted Christ as his Savior, he responded that he prays every night for Jesus to come into his heart.  He is still attending Spiritism sessions with his mother and grandparents, but is active in the Enrichment Program and is learning to play the trumpet.  Please continue to pray for him.  His uncle (pictured) is one of our church musicians and the only believer in their home.

One of our adolescents that had been involved in a sensual life style accepted Christ in September, and has remained faithful in the Enrichment Program, Sunday School, youth meetings and church.  The grandmother was hostile at first, even threatened to burn the young person’s clothes and thus prevent going to church.  However, her attitude is changing as she sees her grandchild’s new lifestyle.

In February, we will be starting the sixth year of our Enrichment Program.  Children, who were undisciplined, insecure, and almost uncontrollable are now obedient and doing well scholastically.  The teenagers help in the teaching in the Enrichment Program and the music in the church.  Parents won to Christ have been married, baptized, are growing spiritually and being trained for leadership in the Church.

Please pray with us.

  1. We need more helpers. Working with these children is a challenge, requiring lots of love and patience.
  2. David has been agitated lately. He lives in the midst of confusion between two beliefs.
  3. The adolescent who accepted Christ in September.

Thank you for your part in this ministry,

Darrel and Jean Haworth

Email: darrelhaworth@gmail.com

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Winter Vacation

August, 2019

Dear Praying Friends,

We have just finished the first semester of the Enrichment Program for this our fifth year. Sometimes it’s like limping to the finish line, but this time we finished strong.   The enrollment was up.  We now had a gym and a program that is pulling in more kids.  We started an evening program on Tuesdays and Thursdays to attract kids that were in school all day.  About 75 adolescents showed up.  Included were several 12 and 13-year-old girls who were prostitutes.  They were very aggressive, calling the boys who ignored them “homos”.  Jean had just read about how girls this age are recruited; and, we identified the recruiters.  What to do?  Someone suggested we have only girls on Tuesdays and only boys on Thursdays. That solved the problem.  During the semester, there were several decisions to accept Christ as Savior.

This week Pastor Euzimarques and Jakeline completed their first year with us.  We thank the Lord for them and their ministry at União Baptist Church.  The church cannot fully support them, so he teaches at our Esperança Christian School.

Pastor David and Mariangela Araújo continue to work with us, but we have not been able to attract any deaf to our church.  Pastor David works as an interpreter for the City of Juazeiro so has daily contact with deaf people.  Our Deaf Program is zero.  Pray for the Lord’s will.

In July, we visited our church in Iguape.  They had Vacation Bible School while we were there.  Ten women of the church worked together to make it happen.  48 kids attended and had a wonderful time of singing, hearing Bible Stories, learning verses and playing games.  Six made decisions to follow Christ.

Winter vacation is over.  The Enrichment Program starts the new semester on August 13.  Neighborhood kids are asking “When?”  Please pray with us to reach their families.

We plan to come to the U.S. in September, to visit family.

Thank you for your faithful part in this ministry.

Darrel and Jean Haworth






Jesus is Life

We arrived in Juazeiro on January 15 to enjoy a busy retirement of organizing a new school year, missionary conferences, starting construction projects and being the assistant pastor.

Our neighborhood is full of Spiritism.  Here it how it affects the children in our Enrichment Program. The kids were running and playing in our new gym; when David suddenly fell to the floor and began to cry.  His teacher went over to see what had happened. The nine-year-old boy looked up sobbing, anguish in his eyes.  “Aunty.  I’m going to die!”

“Why would you die?” the teacher asked.

“I had a heart operation.”

The teacher pulled up his shirt.  There was no sign of surgery, no scar.  “Did you go to the hospital?”

“No.  My mother took me to the “vidente.”  (Generally a lady who cures through incantations and repetitious prayers.  Demonic.)

“What did the vidente do?”

“She put me on a table, said some prayers, blew some smoke, waved a palm branch over me and said that my heart was okay now.  But, she warned, “If you run you will die.  Oh, teacher.  I forgot and ran with the kids and now I am going to die!”

“God is the only one who knows when we are going to die.  The “vidente” does not know.  She was not telling the truth.  Here.  Give me your hand.  Let’s run.”  They ran around the court.  “Did you die?


“Let’s run some more.  See.  You didn’t die.  It was all a lie.  Jesus will take care of you and He doesn’t lie…”  Happy, he ran off to play.

David’s mother and grandparents take him to Spiritism sessions.  He is quite impressed.  Pray for him.

If you would like to help our kid’s ministry with a donation, send it to Baptist Mid-Missions.  On a separate piece of paper, indicate that it is for “Haworth Children`s Ministry”.   If you want to donate electronically, you can go to the Mission website:  www.bmm.org/give/give-online/  and follow the instructions.

Thank you for your part in this ministry,

Darrel and Jean Haworth

Christmas in Carolina

Dear Praying Friends, 

Greetings from North Carolina, where we have celebrated Thanksgiving with family.  Now we are enjoying the Christmas Season with Dirk and Joy Nicol (our daughter)  and their three sons; and, looking forward to Jon and Lisa Haworth (our son) and their three sons coming from Tennessee!

We are thankful for the many blessings of our travels in Alaska, California, Arizona, Texas and Tennessee… visiting churches, friends and family; and sharing some of what the Lord has done during our 50 years as missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions.

December 31st we will officially retire. However, we plan to return to Brazil January 9th to continue our ministry. A Brazilian pastor is now leading União Baptist Church. The building is about 95% complete and we need to finish. We want to increase the outreach of the Enrichment Program, helping neighborhood children to improve in reading, math; and, teaching Bible and music as well as reaching their parents for Christ.

The Hope Christian Academy has 250 children children and has been instrumental in reaching families for Christ. All the teachers are Believers, but still some children have graduated not knowing Christ as Savior. Another of our goals is to build it’s spiritual influence.

The latest from Brazil is an answered prayer. Our missionaries to the deaf, David and Mariangela’s car that was stolen at gun point, was found by the police 2000 miles away running drugs; and has been returned to them.

As we return to Brazil, we are counting on your ongoing prayers and support. If you would like to give a Christmas gift to the children’s work, please send it to Baptist Mid-Missions. They will continue to process all donations.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a fruitful New Year in Christ,

Darrel & Jean Haworth

Baptist Mid-Missions,  P. O. Box 308011,  Cleveland, OH 44130-801

Exciting Events

September, 2018

On August 30 we left Fortaleza for the USA.


Our church building is over 95% finished, but time has run out. We have to leave to visit our supporters before we retire on December 31st. Since we are coming back on January 10, 20to continue our work in retirement, we plan to finish up all the loose ends.




In July we baptized 7 new believers. Two teens finally secured their parents’ permission. One young man received Christ as Savior years ago in the children’s camp.


Our new Pastor, Euzemarques and Jackeline, have moved in and are busy taking over the leadership of Uniao Baptist Church. Pastor Euzemarques was present in our very first service 12 years ago and worked with us throughout his Seminary years; and then one year as pastor. He directed the children’s camps. He left to serve 11 years in two other churches and now he is back.

We will be in Alaska September 9 – 16, October in California; and November and December in Tennessee and North Carolina. This is a whirlwind tour but we have time to see you. Give us a call.
WhatsApp: (919) 579-6690; Email: ​darrelhaworth@gmail.com​; Cell phone: (919) 579-6690 Thank you for your part, Darrel and Jean Haworth

June Journal


The new missionaries for the deaf, David Araújo e Mariângela, had just bought a car and took off on a four-day weekend in Fortaleza to show off their 6-month-old baby to David’s parents.  They left Fortaleza, to return, at 4:00 a.m.  At 4:30, six armed men stopped their car and left them by the side of the road with only the clothes they were wearing and their baby.  The car, with 40 monthly payments to go, was not insured.  Please pray that the police will find the car.


A big blessing for us happened on Mother’s Day when 45 mothers came to Dinner.  Most of them were from our Enrichment Program.  They mixed with the ladies of the church and had a great time playing games, receiving presents and listening to Jean’s devotional on Hannah’s Gift.  The barriers are coming down.

Our church is about to get a roof.  The steel has been purchased, the trusses are being built and by the end of June, we may have a roof!

Due to church construction and unresolved problems, we have postponed our trip to the USA until September.  We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you for praying,

Darrel and Jean Haworth

February Focus

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s February and we are gearing up for our Children’s Enrichment Program to begin as soon as Carnival (Mardi gras) ends.   Kids and parents are asking, “When are you going to start?”   Pray for a woman with a nice soprano voice to teach music for us.

             David, Mariângela and Baby Isaac

The church parsonage was finished just in time for our Brazilian Missionary to the Deaf, David Araujo, to move in.  David has been a pastor for two years but has worked with the deaf for several years. He has felt the Lord’s call to work exclusively with the deaf; so, with David and Mariângela, we will be re-entering the deaf ministry after several years of not being involved.  Please pray for Pastor David and family.

We plan to come to the States in July to spend six months and visit everybody.  In order to do that we need to finish our building.  That includes the gym/auditorium floor and roof.  There is just enough time, so pray with us.

Several people are waiting to be baptized.  Some of them need to get married and a couple of teens need to gain their parent’s permission.

Our Pastor Igo and his wife, Andreia, have moved on to take a church in a neighboring town.

Our mailing address has changed.  Please do not send any more mail to C.P. 51.  It has been closed.  Our address is: Darrel Haworth, Rua Jose Geraldo da Cruz 80,  63040-295 Juazeiro do Norte, CE, Brazil.

Thank you for remembering to pray for these requests,

                                       Darrel and Jean Haworth

Mariangela, David and baby Isaac