Haworth Happenings – Birthday Party

March, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

Wow.  What a birthday Party!  In Brazil, a baby`s first birthday might be the biggest one that he will ever have.  All the family`s friends come to help celebrate.


When we realized that our grandson, Eli Michael Haworth, was coming to Brazil for his first birthday we could not resist.  We called in a Birthday Party specialist, chose a theme, enlisted our church people to help, invited all of our son Jonathan`s childhood friends; and had a birthday party that none of us will ever forget – except maybe Eli.

The next big event,  after  Jon, Lisa and Eli`s visit, was the completion of a video for teaching religion in the public schools.

We are very excited to have this video ready for use. Four years ago we taught one 8th grade class each week, using this material.  The next year our secretary taught seven classes a week, using the same material.  Last year a Bible College student used it.  Teachers saw what we were doing and asked for material for them to use.  Religion is a required course in the public schools.  They have to teach it but have no idea what to do.  Sadly, we did not have the material put together so anyone else could use it.  Now we do.  One teacher is already using the video.  The director of the school where we first taught has asked for a copy.

Prayer Request.  In our last letter we told you about children`s camp and the children who were saved.  When I told our congregation we needed to get our children`s work functioning, there were no volunteers.  No Sunday School, no children`s club.  Zero.  So, I went to the Bible College for students.  Zero.  That leaves just one option.  Prayer.  Will you pray for us for leaders and workers for our children`s work?

You are a very important part of the ministry here!  We need you.

Darrel and Jean