Baptism in Iguape

March 31, 2010
Dear Praying Friends,
We have just returned from a month-long-trip to Southern Brazil to celebrate 75 years of Baptist Mid-Missions in Brazil.  While in Rio de Janeiro, we worked on putting our Audio-Visual materials for sale on the Internet.  Jean spent a lot of time learning how and updating our web site: Take a look.

Darrel, Edinardo and Daniel

In Iguape, twelve-year-old Daniel was recently baptized.  His mother is a Macumba (Voodoo) medium and expects her children to help her do her spells.  Daniel refuses, choosing to follow Christ.  She does allow him to come to church.  He almost never misses a service and wants to bring his brothers and sisters.  Please pray for him.  He is in a very difficult situation.

Gisele and André

At União (Union Baptist Church in Juazeiro) André is our new co-pastor.  He is in his last year of Seminary and has recently married Gisele, a teacher in our Christian Day School (Recanto Esperança).  We have known her since she was a little girl.  Her parents came to our English Club in the early 90’s and accepted Christ.  Her father, Edson, is now pasturing a church in a neighboring city.
We plan to come to the USA in July for a family wedding and to attend our Mission’s Annual Conference in Cleveland where we will receive our 40-year service pins.  If anyone has air miles to give us it would sure help with our travel cost.  If you have miles you would like to donate, on any airline, write us immediately at: .

Thank you for your prayers,

Darrel and Jean Haworth

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