October Highlights

Dear Praying Friends,

October has been a month of special events. We celebrated our 49th anniversary. Darrel’s mother celebrated her 98th birthday. And we finally started the first class of our Teacher’s College; a post graduate course in signing for the deaf.

In November, we will inaugurate our Iguape church at the beach as an autonomous church.

The following story is copied from our 2006 Haworth Update:

Saniel Sr. and Aucilânia live near Esperança Baptist Church and send their two children to our school. Aucilânia became aware of our school, Recanto Esperança, when a neighbor pointed it out and scornfully referred to it as “that school of the believers!”

An unpleasant experience caused her to take her children out of their school and the only close alternative was that “believer’s school.” Soon the children were reciting their Bible verses, singing the songs they had learned and demanding that the family pray before meals.

Saniela, Aucilânia, Saniel Sr. and Saniel Jr.

The doorman where Saniel worked was telling him that he needed Jesus Christ in his life. He did. He was feisty, loved to party and drink. At home he was jealous, possessive and abusive. Three times he found Aucilânia behind the couch with his gun pointed at her head.

Easter was coming. The children at our Recanto Esperança School presented, “The Last Supper” for their parents, and Pastor George Wellck told of the first Easter. Saniel was full of questions but afraid to approach the pastor. Later that week the church held a street meeting in their neighborhood. Saniel drove his car one block to the meeting so he could hide in it if necessary. At the invitation he asked Aucilânia, “Are you going to hold up your hand?”

“Of course not!” she replied.

“Well, I am.” And he did. Aucilânia accepted Christ one week later. The change in their lives has been dramatic.

Now, six years later, Saniel is a Bible College student and a Deacon at Esperança Baptist Church. Our blessing is that he has come with his family to serve as Darrel’s assistant pastor at União Baptist Church.

We need more men at União Baptist Church. Please pray for this.

Darrel & Jean Haworth