Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving this year, 2012, was very special! The Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2005, we held our first service, a house warming, after the purchase of the beach house.

Friends, people from the mother-church-to-be and local folks, mostly invited by Rebecca our maid were the guests.

From there Christians began to visit us and people were saved. In July of 2006, we purchased a former dance hall to renovate into a church building. Our first baptism was in September, 2006, and we became a Congregation of the First Baptist Church of Aquiraz.

Magno, a deacon, Bible School graduate and career military man came to prepare the candidates for baptism and stayed as Darrel’s assistant. Later he became pastor of the church. Over the years God has blessed with slow solid growth.

Celebration Service

Celebration Service

Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving this year, a group of local pastors met to examine our constitution and by-laws and make suggestions for improvements. That night we held our inauguration service as an independent Baptist church.

Frankly we have been giving most of our attention to Union Baptist Church in Juazeiro do Norte, preparing for a Christmas Program with our beginning orchestra and choir; and building our folks to trust in God for everything.
The church construction, which is our most complex building so far, is taking a lot of time. We want to thank you for your offerings and gifts to this project. Through you the Lord has provided enough funds for us to continue this far.

May God give you a wonderful Christmas Season,

Darrel and Jean Haworth