Music Time – 2014

August 1, 2014

August 2014 String QuartettePlease meet our string quartette. They play for Sunday evening services at União Baptist Church. Thaila, cello, is in her last semester of high school. She wants to study architecture. Marlon, playing violin, is in his second semester of College majoring in Computer Science. Anderson, also playing violin, is in his last semester of High School and plans to study Music at the Federal University here in Juazeiro. Thalita, viola, is in her second year at the Federal University studying Music Education.August 2014 foto de violinos

Saturday is Music Day at the Chácara (where we live). We begin at 9:00 a.m., with Beginning Piano Class. Currently Darrel has 10 beginning students (ages 9 – 15) from the church neighborhood. Jean has two others, plus three advanced students. At 10:15 they take a break, run off their extra energy, get a drink of water and return for Beginning String Class. The 10 beginning piano students are also starting on violin, viola or cello. Three of the quartette players are their teachers.

August 2014 cello classThe beginners go home, but the quartette members stay for lunch and afternoon Advanced String Class. A violin player, studying at the Federal University, is their teacher. They are beginning to sound very nice! Not only are they involved in music, but they work in the Children’s Club later Saturday afternoons and rotate doing Children’s Church on Sunday evenings.

Construction – We are stretching to finish pouring the first floor by the end of August… the last 700 sq. ft. The big problem is that we have run out of construction money. We want to finish the first floor (gymnasium/auditorium) before coming to the USA in September. So, we are looking in every account, credit card, piggy bank, etc., to keep on building through August. If you have any spare change you would like to give, please send it to Baptist Mid-Missions for Darrel Haworth Construction Account.

Thank you for your interest, for praying for us. Your part is very important in this ministry.

Darrel and Jean Haworth