Mothers’ Day Tea

Dear Praying Friends,

Darrel finally had his operation, a cornea transplant, on May 10.   He cannot see much more than to count his fingers, but the doctor says to be patient for 60 days.

June 2016 Mothers Tea

A large mango tree spreads a canopy over our patio.  Its shade makes it a desirable place for entertaining guests. In May, the ladies of União Baptist Church celebrated Mother’s Day with a Tea under the mango tree.  They invited the mothers of children in the Enrichment Program.  Several came, played an icebreaker game, participated in drawing for door prizes, ate the “salty” and sweet finger foods; and heard the Gospel presented in word and song.

June 2016 Cecilia



The guest speaker, Cecilia Silva, who is an accomplished singer, inserted songs into her talk.  It was a first for her.



June 2016 TV Interview




Enrichment Program made the news.  The local TV station recorded us with our children.  Would you like to see it?  Here is the link.        

Thank you for praying for us,

Darrel and Jean