Birthday Gifts

Dear Friends and Supporters.

We thank the Lord for your part with us in this ministry. One of our goals is to offer these children a better quality of learning, and thereby, a better quality of life. Of course, our ultimate goal is that they know God as their Father and Christ as their Savior.

Our friend, Branca, wanted her birthday celebration to be different. So she asked her friends to bring a special kind of present… used clothing, food staples, school materials, used appliances or furniture. A very happy Branca brought her gifts to our Enrichment Program to be sold in the bazar. Sales in the bazar cover over 10 % of our expenses. Did you like Branca’s idea? Can you think of a creative way to raise money for the “Centro Estudantil”? One DVBS sent $500.00, their missionary project.

Thank you for your offerings. God is blessing this ministry.

Darrel and Jean Haworth

Christmas in October

Four years ago Jean posted her book The Castle or Your Strongholds as a Christmas present to you. Now she is offering the second book.

You may download the book and the verse cards (feel free to print them off)

Our prayer is that this winter, and this book, will both be a blessing in your life.

(soon to be updated with the actual book)



You can also download the verses by clicking on this picture.



Here are the dividers, click on the picture below.



God bless you! Have a wonderful Christmas,

Darrel and Jean