November News

Dear Praying Friends,

In November, we baptized four young people. Three are Alysson’s children. You may remember that Alysson returned to Christ after enrolling his boys in the Enrichment Program.

You can read his story on this Blog, the Post for August 2017.

Three more young people wanted to be baptized, but their parents would not give permission.

The school year is ending here in Brazil and the Enrichment Program is on summer vacation. One of the children we miss is twelve-year-old Lucas. He has a mother and father and five siblings. They live in a tiny house with dirt floors. They sleep in hammocks, on the couch or on the floor. His father is a bricklayer. His mother also works, but they are both alcoholics. Lucas does not go to school and he cannot read. He comes both morning and afternoon to the Enrichment Program to eat. We are teaching him how to read. He has a sweet spirit but is hyperactive, anxious for love and acceptance. He asked his teacher, “Aunty, does God like me?”

Pray for him. He runs with the neighborhood boys and drugs are the primary entertainment for them.

If you would like to give a Christmas gift for our work with these children, send it to Baptist Mid-Mission and mark it for Haworth – Children.

Thank you for your part! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Darrel and Jean Haworth

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