February Focus

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s February and we are gearing up for our Children’s Enrichment Program to begin as soon as Carnival (Mardi gras) ends.   Kids and parents are asking, “When are you going to start?”   Pray for a woman with a nice soprano voice to teach music for us.

             David, Mariângela and Baby Isaac

The church parsonage was finished just in time for our Brazilian Missionary to the Deaf, David Araujo, to move in.  David has been a pastor for two years but has worked with the deaf for several years. He has felt the Lord’s call to work exclusively with the deaf; so, with David and Mariângela, we will be re-entering the deaf ministry after several years of not being involved.  Please pray for Pastor David and family.

We plan to come to the States in July to spend six months and visit everybody.  In order to do that we need to finish our building.  That includes the gym/auditorium floor and roof.  There is just enough time, so pray with us.

Several people are waiting to be baptized.  Some of them need to get married and a couple of teens need to gain their parent’s permission.

Our Pastor Igo and his wife, Andreia, have moved on to take a church in a neighboring town.

Our mailing address has changed.  Please do not send any more mail to C.P. 51.  It has been closed.  Our address is: Darrel Haworth, Rua Jose Geraldo da Cruz 80,  63040-295 Juazeiro do Norte, CE, Brazil.

Thank you for remembering to pray for these requests,

                                       Darrel and Jean Haworth

Mariangela, David and baby Isaac