Exciting Events

September, 2018

On August 30 we left Fortaleza for the USA.


Our church building is over 95% finished, but time has run out. We have to leave to visit our supporters before we retire on December 31st. Since we are coming back on January 10, 20to continue our work in retirement, we plan to finish up all the loose ends.




In July we baptized 7 new believers. Two teens finally secured their parents’ permission. One young man received Christ as Savior years ago in the children’s camp.


Our new Pastor, Euzemarques and Jackeline, have moved in and are busy taking over the leadership of Uniao Baptist Church. Pastor Euzemarques was present in our very first service 12 years ago and worked with us throughout his Seminary years; and then one year as pastor. He directed the children’s camps. He left to serve 11 years in two other churches and now he is back.

We will be in Alaska September 9 – 16, October in California; and November and December in Tennessee and North Carolina. This is a whirlwind tour but we have time to see you. Give us a call.
WhatsApp: (919) 579-6690; Email: ​darrelhaworth@gmail.com​; Cell phone: (919) 579-6690 Thank you for your part, Darrel and Jean Haworth

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