Jesus is Life

We arrived in Juazeiro on January 15 to enjoy a busy retirement of organizing a new school year, missionary conferences, starting construction projects and being the assistant pastor.

Our neighborhood is full of Spiritism.  Here it how it affects the children in our Enrichment Program. The kids were running and playing in our new gym; when David suddenly fell to the floor and began to cry.  His teacher went over to see what had happened. The nine-year-old boy looked up sobbing, anguish in his eyes.  “Aunty.  I’m going to die!”

“Why would you die?” the teacher asked.

“I had a heart operation.”

The teacher pulled up his shirt.  There was no sign of surgery, no scar.  “Did you go to the hospital?”

“No.  My mother took me to the “vidente.”  (Generally a lady who cures through incantations and repetitious prayers.  Demonic.)

“What did the vidente do?”

“She put me on a table, said some prayers, blew some smoke, waved a palm branch over me and said that my heart was okay now.  But, she warned, “If you run you will die.  Oh, teacher.  I forgot and ran with the kids and now I am going to die!”

“God is the only one who knows when we are going to die.  The “vidente” does not know.  She was not telling the truth.  Here.  Give me your hand.  Let’s run.”  They ran around the court.  “Did you die?


“Let’s run some more.  See.  You didn’t die.  It was all a lie.  Jesus will take care of you and He doesn’t lie…”  Happy, he ran off to play.

David’s mother and grandparents take him to Spiritism sessions.  He is quite impressed.  Pray for him.

If you would like to help our kid’s ministry with a donation, send it to Baptist Mid-Missions.  On a separate piece of paper, indicate that it is for “Haworth Children`s Ministry”.   If you want to donate electronically, you can go to the Mission website:  and follow the instructions.

Thank you for your part in this ministry,

Darrel and Jean Haworth

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